Welcome to our site. We're aiming to make Garstang a Transition Town, to complement its Fair Trade town status. The Transition Network is a global, grassroots movement planning to reduce mankind’s dependency on fossil fuels. Rather than wait passively for governments to act or disaster to strike, it mobilises the creativity of communities to make everyday life more resilient and sustainable.

What is Transition?

The issues are huge. You have to get your head around such grandiose concepts as Climate Change, Peak Oil and Energy Descent. It's all too easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless.
But the Transition movement is about each of us taking small steps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. If enough of us do enough, we can do a better job of looking after this place.

Read more about the Transition movement.

Our stall at the Garstang Christmas Festival 2013
Our stall at the Garstang Christmas Festival in 2013. We were there again in December 2014. See you in 2015?